Creme de la Krenn
January 3, 2012
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"JimmyKrenn Pittburgh Magazine Creme de la Krenn"We thought you would enjoy this wonderfully written piece by Robert Isenberg written in 2008 for Pittsburgh Magazine.

Jim Krenn is sitting pretty as the lead DJ on WDVE. This month marks his 20th anniversary as king of morning drive time on the region’s No. 1 radio station.


Jim, Jimmy Krenn, Jimmy K., Jimmy, Jim-Jim. His name is on the tip of every tongue; the name seems to bounce around rooms. Jim isn’t just a disc jockey; he’s a personality, a presence. Among fans, the name alone makes them chuckle and shake their heads. “Jimmy Krenn! Ha! That guy! ”The inventor of “Malkin’s Diary,” mocker of the “Pikksburgh Diesel Institute,” impersonator of presidents, celebrities, terrorists—the man who sang Christmas carols in the electronic voice of Stephen Hawking. The star of the “DVE Morning Show” on 102.5 FM. The stand-up comic who narrates your car ride with his posse of goofballs—Randy the co-host, Val the news anchor and Mike the sports guy.Jim, the two-decade wonder. Leading DJ for Pittsburgh’s leading radio station. One of the “Major Market Personalities of the Year,” according to Billboard Magazine.

Read full story of “Creme de la Krenn” here at Pittsburgh Magazine

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