Vote Dolly For Prez & #FixAmerica with WearWoof
July 11, 2016
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Vote Dolly for Prez! In a new article, Huffington Post profiles Pittsburgh’s own Dolly, WearWoof’s cat/mascot who recently announced her campaign to “Fix America” as she runs for president. (Her “Fix” campaign is all about spaying and neutering your pets). Dolly is a former street cat who made her way through the shelter system before becoming the “resident cat” at WearWoof, a clothing resale boutique benefiting animal welfare in Western PA. There will be a number of events promoting Dolly’s campaign, including Friday, July 22’s Pep Rally and Official Press Conference. Jimmy Krenn will be on-hand for a few of the events, serving as Campaign Manager and Official Spokesperson.

Check out Huffington Post’s “Dolly The Cat Is The President America Deserves” for more – including a statement from Dolly herself! – and be sure to check out for all the details on Dolly’s Fix America Campaign!

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