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Jim Krenn brings his 30 years of comedy to the podcast world in the new Jim Krenn: No Restrictions. The show is featured on the Sideshow Network along with many of the top comics and entertainers in the country.

Find out what happens when you take the restraints off a comic radio personality that has always been asked to deliver within the rules. Each podcast will feature special guests and the occasional live audience, making it not just a show but a party – one you will not want to miss!

Jim Krenn: No Restriction's main players include comics Terry Jones, Mike Sasson and Mike Wysocki and is a weekly podcast.

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In Episode 50 of the No Restrictions podcast, Jimmy Krenn, Terry Jones and Mike Wysocki – John Evans is on the road – are joined by special guest Comedian Roy Wood, Jr. (Last Comic Standing, Sullivan & Son) to talk: social media, manscaping, dealing with neighbors, unusual pets, cold-weather Super Bowls, Richard Sherman’s history of messing with people, why Tom Brady isn’t watching the Super Bowl, Ryan Leaf & other NFL Draft flops, no pity for Vince Young, Justin Bieber’s arrest, 19-year-olds with credit cards, Roy’s prank phone calls and police dispatchers.

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 50 here: Read More »

In this week’s episode of the No Restrictions podcast, Jimmy Krenn, Terry Jones and Mike Wysocki (John Evans is on the road), are in the talent network studios talking: unexpected opera singer Travis Pratt; Jimmy’s newly-discovered singing talent; John Oates, Art Garfunkel and other second-guy singers; athletes who attempt music; Jimmy’s review of this year’s Razzie nominations; when Jimmy met his favorite porn star; A-Rod’s steroid scandal and Justin Bieber’s possible deportation back to Canada.

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 49 here: Read More »

Head to the Mars VFW for a Comedy Night with Jimmy Krenn and Tom Musial on Saturday, February 1! For a $30 donation, the night will benefit Mars High School Baseball and feature complimentary beer and snacks. Doors will open at 7:00pm and the show will begin at 8:30pm. Call Rick Reginelli at 724-272-2490 for tickets. Read More »

In the new No Restrictions comedy podcast, Jimmy Krenn, Terry Jones, John Evans and Mike Wysocki are in the talent network studios talking: Terry’s “Hulk Smash Juice,” stink bugs, a girl who gets the triple-dog-dare to tongue a flagpole, kids getting plastic surgery, a man dying from an atomic wedgie, a Texas hunter claiming to have killed Bigfoot, Hogzilla, alien abductions, legal weed in Colorado and a Tennessee man running for governor just to get his pet raccoon back.

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 48 here:

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In Episode 47 of No Restrictions, the guys (Jimmy Krenn, Terry Jones, John Evans and Mike Wysocki) are at the talent network studios talking Dennis Rodman’s drunken rant on CNN, John quitting smoking, boob jobs and bad plastic surgery, the FBI’s Marilyn Monroe sex tape, Mike’s Twisted Sports, Ric Flair getting death threats and whether Colin Kaepernick will replace Doug Williams as the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 47 here: Read More »

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