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Jim Krenn brings his 30 years of comedy to the podcast world in the new Jim Krenn: No Restrictions. The show is featured on the Sideshow Network along with many of the top comics and entertainers in the country.

Find out what happens when you take the restraints off a comic radio personality that has always been asked to deliver within the rules. Each podcast will feature special guests and the occasional live audience, making it not just a show but a party – one you will not want to miss!

Jim Krenn: No Restriction's main players include comics Terry Jones, Mike Sasson and Mike Wysocki and is a weekly podcast.

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This week – Jimmy, Terry, Mike and John are joined by Jimmy’s buddy, comedian John Knight and the guys talk: stealing from the studio, Paula Deen comparing herself to Michael Sam, Michael Sam’s Combine boner, the NFL banning the N-word, Swedish amputee porn, facial hair transplants, Terry Jones in leather shorts, tiger penis soup, John Knight doing comedy on cruise ships, and then John Knight and Jimmy tell the story of when they were snowed in at an Indiana KFC for three days.

Check out John Knight’s website at www.comedyknight.com and his new book, “I’m Still Aggravated But At Least I Didn’t Kill Anybody!”

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 54 here: Read More »

Jimmy, Terry, Mike and John are joined by author and former National Enquirer writer Chris Rodell to talk: Terry’s love of Russian figure skating, Cris Collinsworth’s Olympic commentary, ways to make the Olympics more exciting, phone sex stories, John’s detailed knowledge of Chinese art, Chris’s favorite stories from the Weekly World News, the Elvis diet, the 100-year-old bartender, writing for free vacations, Jimmy’s bungee-jump story and Snake Salvation.

Buy Chris’s book at www.UseAllTheCrayons.com and like it on Facebook; check out his humor blog at www.EightDaysToAmish.com, follow him on twitter @8Days2Amish.

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 53 here:
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Jimmy, John and Mike (Terry had a show) are joined by fellow Sideshow Network podcast host, Christine Blackburn, to talk: bad weather and the “Great Salt Shortage of 2014,” flight attendants and bad airplane comedians, Christine and the dead guy on a plane, Christine telling of Pete Rose, streaking on Valentines Day, thrift stores and old t-shirts, and bad dating services.

Follow Christine on Twitter @storyworthy, check out her website at www.christineblackburn.com and check out her “Story Worthy” podcast at storyworthypodcast.com

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 52 here:

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The No Restrictions guys – Jimmy, Terry, John and Mike are joined by special guest comedian Greg Warren to talk: Greg’s transition from salesman to comic, Greg’s clarinet playing and wrestling in high school, old assistant coaches’ locker room speeches, how the guys all got started in comedy, early stand-up influences and pioneers, John and his cell phone, Jimmy’s voice work on “Action League Now,” the man who was lost at sea for 15 months and survived on birds and turtles, Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show, Clint Eastwood saving a man from choking and more.

Follow Greg on Twitter @GregWarren, check out his website at www.gregwarrencomedy.com and get his new comedy album “Running Out Of Time” on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/running…time/id695999597

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 51 here: Read More »

Check out this great new promo for the Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Podcast – and remember to follow, listen and/or download all of the episodes: http://www.jimkrenn.com/podcast/ Read More »

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