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Jim Krenn brings his 30 years of comedy to the podcast world in the new Jim Krenn: No Restrictions. The show is featured on the Sideshow Network along with many of the top comics and entertainers in the country.

Find out what happens when you take the restraints off a comic radio personality that has always been asked to deliver within the rules. Each podcast will feature special guests and the occasional live audience, making it not just a show but a party – one you will not want to miss!

Jim Krenn: No Restriction's main players include comics Terry Jones, Mike Sasson and Mike Wysocki and is a weekly podcast.

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Jimmy is still in the Los Angeles Sideshow Studios for this week’s podcast, joined by his West Coast panel featuring Frank Nicotero, Mark Eddie and Greg Hahn! Listen in for discussion of: Jimmy’s guest spots on other Sideshow Network podcasts, Pittsburgh comics in Los Angeles, Frank Nicotero’s memories of how being on Jimmy’s old radio show was like being on Johnny Carson, Jimmy’s being back on the road & not under radio restrictions, what the guys would do if they weren’t comedians, turning over material in LA vs. on the road, storytelling & joke writing, confronting comics who steal material, remembering Robbie Roman & Mitch Hedberg, how Greg Hahn came up as a comic in Florida and Mark Eddie sings a song about his dream job

* WEST COAST PANEL: @FrankNicotero, @comicMARKEDDIE, @Hahncomedy

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 71 here: Read More »

Jimmy takes No Restrictions to the Sideshow Studios in Los Angeles with his West Coast Panel featuring Frank Nicotero, Mark Eddie and Greg Hahn! In the episode, the guys discuss: doing stand up in LA comedy clubs, homeless guys in LA, how World Cup soccer isn’t America’s main sport, soccer players with hot girls, people who don’t know what they’re talking about, conspiracy theories, Johnny Manziel’s money, why comedians should get endorsement deals, the film careers of Mark Eddie & Frank Nicotero, the success of Frank’s cousin Greg Nicotero, stand-up comics doing sitcoms, how the man with the world’s largest penis got stopped by the TSA, and the legendary Bill Hicks’ special nickname for Frank

*WEST COAST PANEL: @FrankNicotero, @comicMARKEDDIE, @Hahncomedy

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 70 here: Read More »

In the new No Restrictions, Jimmy, Terry Jones, Mike Wysocki and John Evans talk: Bear Grylls’ survival academy, surviving the zombie apocalypse, camping, FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list, girlfriend/pornstar look-alikes, little-known Frank Sinatra facts, the death of the world’s heaviest man and moon landing conspiracy theories!

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 69 here: Read More »

In Episode 68 of the No Restrictions podcast, all of the guys are in the studio (Jimmy Krenn, Terry Jones, Mike Wysocki and John Evans) to discuss: the mimes at the Pittsburgh Arts Festival, LeBron James’ leg cramps in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, LeBron vs. Michael Jordan, Pat Riley’s copyright on the term “Three-peat,” Troy Polumalu’s urban legends, Jimmy at the Super Bowl, Mike’s Twisted Sports on Presidential Baseball, the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, the legacy of Dave Chappelle, bad comedians’ demo tapes, Jimmy’s run-in with a cocky magician and when hecklers are better than the comedians on stage.

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 68 here: Read More »

Episode 67 of No Restrictions finds the guys on Jimmy’s home turf, Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District! Jimmy, Terry Jones and Mike Wysocki (John Evans is still on the road) are joined by an intimate group of friends to talk: the upcoming Stroll in the Strip, Mike’s Twisted Sports on the Pirates of the ’70s, the White House bear, the Chinese man who caught a falling baby from two stories up, the Japanese cookie guaranteed to make women’s breasts larger, Kim Jong Un’s haircut, hovercrafts, Kennywood Park and the old West View Park, Michael Jackson ghost sightings, the man with the world’s smallest penis, and Jimmy tells stories of his time as an altar boy in the Strip District.

Listen to Jim Krenn: No Restrictions Episode 67 here: Read More »

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